Blepharoplasty using Laser technology

"Our eyes are the windows of the soul". They reflect our mood and our emotions. Although, sometimes, a person's look seems sad and tired which affect their attitude and the way other people see him/her.

Facial Plastic Surgery

It is a known saying that “eyes are the windows of the soul”. They reflect our mood and show our emotions.
Although, some people, no matter what their mood is (they can be happy and enthusiastic), their look seems sad and tired. This condition predisposes the person and his/her environment, affecting their attitude.

This sad, tired look is caused by those bags that form under the eyes which are in fact fat pads that we usually have under our ocular globe, but due to aging, they herniate and move towards the eyelid, causing those protuberances under lower eyelids.

Conventional treatment is transcutaneous or trans-conjunctival blepharoplasty. These procedures are well tolerated, but usually they are uncomfortable, because they cause sewlling and brusings that can last at least two weeks.

Laser-assisted Percutaneous Blepharoplasty

A new technique has been developed, which proved to have the same results but avoids secondary effects such as swelling and bruises, which allows patients to restart their daily activities without attracting attention on swollen, bruised eyes.

With a thin cannula, containing laser fiber, fat pads are identified, without making any incision. Then, with the energy produced by diode laser fat is vaporized from those pads.

This process also causes a retraction of cutaneous tissues. After four weeks, bags under the eyes disappear and eyelid skin gets more tense, producing a younger, rested and more joyful look.

This is an outpatient procedure, which can be made in doctor’s office, using local anesthesia. Recovery is painless and the results are permanent.

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