New alternatives to handle sleep disorders

In our days sleep disorders are really frequent. Snoring is the main problem many patients report when they go to the specialist. Snoring can have many causes and usually, its treatment is not only one.

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In our days sleep disorders are really frequent. Snoring is the main problem many patients report when they go to the specialist. Snoring can have many causes and, usually, it can have more than one treatment.

First, several basic sleep hygiene measures must be implemented. Also, overweight is an important cause of snoring, so patients have to be aware of it and start a weight loss program or treatment.

As we age, soft palate and uvula start descending and becoming flabby. This causes an exagerated vibration of these structures due to air flux produced by breathing.

These are some of the measures you can take in order to control snoring and to get an adequate rest.

Healthy Sleep habits

  1. Adequate sleep time in adults is 7 – 8 hours. Nevertheless, there are important variations from one person to another. If one day you don’t get to sleep enough, your organism will compensate that “loss”.
  2. Sleep can not be forced. Don’t try to sleep if you are not tired. It is more effective to get up and make a monotonous activity.
  3. You should go to bed when you are tired but you can have flexible schedule.
  4. Try not to sleep in excess on weekends and wake up at the same hour every day.
  5. Improve the enviroment of the room where you sleep. A comfortable bed, lower noise and regulated temperature will help you to sleep better.
  6. Avoid heavy exercise befire bedtime. Exercise is recommended in morning – afternoon hours.
  7. Avoid drastic weight changes.
  8. There are not sleep inducing food, but sometimes a light snack before bedtime is useful. Avoid a heavy meal before bed.
  9. Try to identify and avoid stress factors that keep you awake.
  10. Try to free yourself of conflicts and anxiety.
  11. Don’t stress if you feel you are not getting enough sleep. It will just make matters worse. Know you will sleep eventually.
  12. Avoid thinking about having difficulties to sleep, specially at night.
  13. Try to relax. Some light exercise can help you.
  14. Stay away from stimulants like caffeine. If you take any caffeine, take it in the morning. Avoid all stimulants in the evening, including chocolate, caffeinated sodas, and caffeinated teas. They will delay sleep and increase arousals during the night. Alcohol and tobacco can also affect your sleep.
  15. Medication can also interfere with sleep pattern. Tell your doctor about any disturbance.

New alternatives to treat snoring

Beside the forementioned habits, if you snore, you should consider to undergo a surgical procedure to correct this condition.

Any structural alteration affecting normal air flux through the upper airways (nasal septum deviation, turbinates hypertrophy, soft palate flaccidity, hypertrophic uvula) can cause snoring. Because of this, it’s important to get a specialized medical evaluation by an otolaryngologist.

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